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Professional Services


We handle the prosecution for the acquisition of intellectual property rights including patents, utility models, designs and trademarks, and for matters relating to the Unfair Competition Prevention Act and copyright.  In addition, we conduct litigation to overcome claims of infringement and to counter claims for damages, and act on behalf of clients in other legal actions.

Moreover, we offer extensive intellectual property services in such areas as patent search and management, arbitration, contract, and expert opinion.  We deal with such matters in Japan as well as throughout the world.

We have inherited all the facilities and systems established under the leadership of the late Mr. Suzuye.  These include our prosecution due-date management system and an environment capable of handling all aspects of administrative work. In addition, We are able to deal with matters covering the entire field of intellectual property, including patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, expert opinion, and legal advice.


Recently, with many companies having their R & D and manufacturing facilities spread across the globe, the development of inventions has become globalized, and the production and sales of products now takes place in many countries. Under these circumstances, to ensure full IP protection, there is an increasing demand for proper protection of inventions developed off-shore and for filing patent applications for a single invention in multiple countries.

In the field of trademarks, with products and services being marketed all over the world, it goes without saying that there is an increased demand to protect trademarks globally as well. As international trade and business grow, the protection of intellectual property in Japan has, in recent years, become crucial. To meet the demands of these changing times, we are determined to leverage our reestablishment as a patent professional corporation to assist our overseas clients obtain effective IP rights and protect those rights while we continue to provide the traditional high-quality services our clients have come to expect of us. It is our sincere desire to be of the greatest assistance to your business.


Strong Points


1. Rapid Response Services in Different Fields

Since we have a system for handling various office routines within our firm, with particular tasks separately assigned to individual professionals, we guarantee to provide our clients with speedy service. We can deal with a wide range of requests regarding intellectual property issues including the acquisition of patents, utility models, trademarks and design patents.

2. Experienced Technical Experts

Highly experienced technical experts belong to our firm in all technical fields relating to electrical engineering, electronics, information technology, communications, control, machinery and chemistry. In every field, we have technical staff members who are highly rated by leading companies.  Based on our accomplishments accumulated over the more than 100 years since our founding, we thoroughly support your strategy for intellectual property.

3. Clear Fee Structure

To meet clients’ demands, we have revised our charges.  We have clarified the cost of each procedure and set out a transparent fee structure so that clients can easily estimate total cost and understand what they are paying for.  Having revised the charges, we continue to provide high-quality services at competitive rates, and so are able to offer even greater value for money.

4. Introduction of English Call Center

We respond to telephone inquiries from overseas in English. For example, if you call us to ask about the prosecution history or the progress of various office procedures, we will promptly give you an answer. By appointment, we can also arrange a session with our technical staff using simultaneous interpreting between English and Japanese.

5. Charge-free Distribution of Information of Changes to Laws and Examination Standards

We distribute circular letters explaining revisions to various intellectual property rights and examination standards, important judicial precedents, and other official matters in Japan.  In particular, with regard to significant revisions that influence prosecution in Japan, patent attorneys who are thoroughly conversant with each law confirm and consider the information, allowing us to accurately update our clients whenever needed.

6. Good Education System and Consistent Provision of High-quality Services

We continually strive to improve the competence of our staff by running various training programs within the firm. In addition, we actively dispatch staff to external committees such as the patent committee of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association.  Staff members collect detailed information about current trends in the law and share the information throughout the firm.  In this way, we can eliminate quality differences caused by differing levels of knowledge among the staff and consistently provide you with high-quality services.



The organization mainly consists of the Specialist Division, Management Division and Supervisory Team.  The Specialist Division works in close liaison with the Management Division.


The Specialist Division consists of the Technical and Engineering sections, which handle various fields including electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical and structural engineering, and chemical engineering and biotechnology; the Trademark and Design Section; the Translation Section; and the Drawing Section.  The Management Division consists primarily of the International Administrative, Domestic, System Development, Accounting, and General Affairs sections.  The patent attorneys who belong to the Supervisory Team guarantee correct governance of the firm by supervising particular sections to keep the firm fully in compliance with legal requirements.

S & S International PPC will continue to expand our translation and administrative sections exclusively for overseas clients who have filed applications with the Japan Patent Office.  This will ensure we are capable of providing fully satisfactory services, especially in the prosecution of patents, utility models, designs and trademarks, and in handling Office actions and Appeals.